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The classical Småfolk apple

Since the first Småfolk collection the apple has been always been a part of our collections.

Why are there apples on our clothes and why do we have an apple as our logo? Småfolk mother and designer has always loved apples, and she has always lived where there were an apple tree in the garden. So when she got the idea about creating a colorful, imaginatively and climate friendly childrens wear brand came, one of the first thing that was decided was that the logo should be an apple.

Since then the apple has always ben there on everything from T-shirts and dresses  to bed linen. Over the years the apple has been on everything also on socks and under wear.

Later on we also started making outerwear and accessories with apples.

But the apple is more than just our logo, the apple symbolizes the good, active and healthy children life, that we think is so important for all children.

We have collected everything, what we have with aplles on, so you can find the classic Småfolk apple on just the thing you are looking for. 


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